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"Paul, Thank you for your quick response to my order. As always, I can count on you and your staff for the quality and brevity of your product and service. You are, and will always be, our exclusive company for black belt embroidery. The Black belt is a symbol of the years of dedication one achieves to the perfection of his art at his first level. It is only by loyalty to his master and his desire to learn beyond the belt alone, does he gain such honor and distinction among his fellow practitioners. You my friend, have earned such honor among our black belt students. For they wear the perfection of your craft around their waist with honor and respect. As they are presented their black belt, I personally make a brief comment as to the craftsmanship detailing their belt. In Taekwon-Do, the belt is generally wrapped around the waist one time. This is to symbolize "One or IL" as in the Korean sayings, "Ohdoilkwan" which means-pursue *one* goal whatsoever, once it is determined, "ilpyondanshim" meaning-serve *one* master with unshakable loyalty, and "ilkyokpilsun" which translates to gain a victory in *one* blow. Anderson Embroidery is in the same category as "the one" and only place to get Black belts that stands above the rest. Keep up the great work my friend."

Grand Master Len G. Kirschbaum, President, International Original Taekwon-Do
Federation (IOTF),
Owner of Main Event Martial Arts Academy, LLC and
The International Academy of Original Taekwon-Do.

Celebrating my 50 years in Martial Arts.

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